Thursday Night Football

    • Want to win COLTS tickets? Join us for some Thursday Night Football at Dillingers in Peru!
    • Riggs will be broadcasting live from 8-10pm giving away prizes watching some Thursday Night Football and giving away COLTS TICKETS!!!
    • Dillingers has set up a HUGE TV with Surround sound to watch the game too!
    • Tons of prizes, Great food, and FOOTBALL!!!!

Here’s the full schedule!

9/12 – Buccaneers vs Panthers (giving away Colts vs Falcons tickets)

10/17 – Chiefs vs Broncos (giving away Colts vs Texans tickets)

11/07 – Chargers vs Raiders (giving away Colts vs Jaguars tickets)

12/12 – Jets vs Ravens (giving away Colts vs Panthers tickets)